Course: GD301 - Branding, Interaction, and Service Design
Professor: Santiago Piedrafita

This service initiative will help commuters find their way by providing convenient and organized navigation through the parking area and the entire city. The initiative will account for safety, efficiency, and comfort before during and after the parking process.

The overall goal is to enhance the entire parking experience through convienent navigationand safety features. Our service will be used in specific physical settings such as along streets, parking lots, or parking garages to help users find parking spaces in order to cut down on excess driving and wasted time. Our service will also facilitate an efficient and safe flow of traffic throughout the setting. Our service will navigate the city as an overall environment to help users find a parking spot in a convenient, logical, and safe manner. It will help users navigate to a parking location during the beginning, middle, and end of the parking process to help the users find a parking spot, pay for their parking, and navigate their return journey on the way to find their car. Searching for a parking spot around the city will become a thing of the past.

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User Paths:


Service Blueprint:


Branding and Identity Explorations: