Course: GD202 - Methods and Processes of Graphic Design Problem Solving
Professor: Amber Howard, Ph.D.

I worked alongside classmate Rachel Swiezynski to create a multi-platform game for the Design Practice and Theory course at N.C. State. This game was created to help students review and retain course knowledge to prepare for the exam. Personas, competitive analysis, and perceptual maps were used to strategically position the game to be well received by students.

Design Practice and Theory
An examination of theories and critical perspectives shaping graphic practice. The course includes a discussion of contemporary design strategy in business and the role of visual communication in the information age.

The course content was broken up by difficulty level as well as the type of learning it required of the user. By this process we were able to properly categorize how it would appear in the game.

  • ┬áCommunication
  • Context
  • Representation
  • Technology/materials
  • Learning styles
  • Relation
  • Clients